• Westaway Law works with social entrepreneurs, funders and incubators on the leading edge of the social enterprise movement, including Business Week’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur, Unreasonable Institute Fellows, Echoing Green Fellows and Cordes Fellows. Below is a select list of clientele:


    FrontlineSMS turns a laptop – or desktop – computer and a mobile phone or modem into a two-way group messaging hub. Since it works anywhere there’s a mobile signal, it doesn’t need the Internet, a major advantage for many grassroots NGOs. Once you have the software running on your computer, you can send messages to wide groups of people, and collect responses to any questions or surveys you might want to run, all via text message.


    The Wello Water Wheel is an innovative water transportation tool designed to alleviate the problems associated with lack of easy access to water. The WaterWheel’s smart design allows water to be placed inside its “wheel,” transforming 175 pounds of water to an effective weight of just 20 pounds (9 kg). This makes it possible to collect 20 gallons (75 liters) of water- five times the amount possible using traditional methods – in less time and much more easily.


    Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. We believe that everyone has valuable skills and knowledge to teach and the curiosity to keep learning new things. This means our neighborhoods, communities and cities are really the world’s greatest universities. Our platform helps make the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, collaborative, and fun.


    Source4Style is the online destination for designers to search and source the world’s leading sustainable materials from suppliers around the globe.


    Hello Rewind is a social enterprise that recycles old, beloved t-shirts into custom laptop sleeves. We work with women formerly sex trafficked in New York City to teach them skills, give them support, and help them find new life.


    All Day Buffet’s mission is to change the world through creativity and business. They run The Feast – a conference and salon series focusing on social innovation – Lovely Day  - a consultancy for human brands that leads, shapes and fosters social innovation – and TBD – a weekly newsletter that delivers world-shaking ideas and products as well as one collective action to improve our future.


    Praxis was created to support social entrepreneurs who are compelled by their faith to advance the common good. The vision for the organization was formed out of a passion to assist in the development of high-impact organizations, while providing an environment that allows the leaders of these organizations to explore how to embody the Gospel within their work. The Praxis Accelerator, a mentorship-driven program for these social entrepreneurs & innovators will provide selected Fellows with the knowledge and network needed to develop world-class organizations.


    Launcht, the first Benefit Corporation in Vermont,  is a crowdfunding platform that enables social entrepreneurs to raise money from their network and the public, and earn rewards that help them launch their businesses.


    The Adventure Project adds venture capital to social entrepreneurs in the developing world to end extreme poverty. Each quarter they highlight humanitarian issues deserving attention and fund  low-cost, high-impact solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.